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TradeWest Momentics
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with the one strategy that allows you to take the same trades the banks do.


Let's start out by stating the obvious: the banks control the Forex markets. It is estimated that banks account for half of the money flowing through the Forex markets each and every day. That is about $2 trillion. Take your best you think they're playing fair, or do you think banks are using their capital to swindle profits from retail traders like you? Hint: the correct answer is highlighted.

When the banks want the markets to move, they make it happen. Whether you are investing $200, $1000, or $ will always be fighting a battle that can't be won through conventional strategies. If you don't have billions of dollars to invest, then you'll want to continue reading. We're going to show you how you can win 70-90% of your trades in the Forex markets.
TradeWest Forex solutions are developed by our own in-house group of programmers, mathematicians, and professional Forex traders. At the head of this group is professional trader Mike Swanson. At the age of 18, Mike was busy developing back-end trading solutions for large banks and Forex brokers. After a few years of experience, he used this knowledge to develop his own trading systems and software based upon what he had learned. After taking some time to build the TradeWest Forex team, he decided to release his most sought after software to date: Momentics.

 Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated. 

What we're presenting to you here today is one of the only ways to be truly successful trading Forex. It's called Momentics. Why is this strategy so effective? It's actually quite simple...instead of entering trades that risk being manipulated by the banks, you are entering the same trades that the banks do. The reason we're able to do this is because the lead trader of TradeWest Forex - Mike Swanson - used to work for these banks. He spent years collaborating with top traders to program strategies for a major Swiss Bank, so he knows the precise moments in which they could be making trades. Now you can too.

With Momentics, you're getting an indicator that has been expertly crafted to be the easiest system you have ever used. This indicator displays precise trading "zones" (and built-in alerts) that tell you when it's time to trade with the bank. Automatically, Momentics provides you with high probability stops and targets that tell you when you should be exiting the trade. And best of all, it works on any currency pair or timeframe, all but ensuring that you will always have trades that you can profit from.

I want you to take a moment to look at this easy to use interface to the left...

All you have to do is enter the trade when the box appears (you will automatically be alerted). If it's a blue box, you buy...if it's a pink box, you sell.

You exit trade when you (a) hit your target levels - blue lines, (b) hit your trailing stop - red line, or (c) reach the end of the box. Thats all there is to it! In this particular example, you would have made 663 pips!

Momentics was designed from the ground up to be a remarkably simple program to use. There are...

  • No confusing shapes or charts to decipher
  • No complicated stop and target calculations
  • No guessing where and when to exit
  • Just simple, no-nonsense, winning trades


Speaking of winning trades, let's talk about how it performs. As with any of our software, Momentics went through a grueling series of tests. It starts with countless 20-year backtests and forward tests...then internal alpha testing and months of beta testing...and finally, several weeks of heavy usage by thousands of trial users across the globe. The primary purpose of all of this testing is to make sure that Momentics continues to perform at a high level, regardless of the market conditions. And it did just that...over 20 years of testing, and hundreds of different pair and timeframe combinations, the results remained the same: Momenticsconsistently wins 70% to 90% of its trades (as evidenced in the chart below).

But why hear it from us? Listen to what our customers have to say...


Official Price is over $3000

You can check from;

  • An indicator based upon a large Swiss Bank's trading strategy
  • Tells you exactly when and where to enter and exit your trades
  • Automatically calculates high probability targets and stops
  • Works on any pair and time frame with a 70% to 90% win rate
  • Includes all of the bonus gifts you see above (for a limited time only)!


The Package contains the full latest version of the MOMENTICS in downloadable format:

1)Momentics Indicator -Can be used on unlimited machines (Version 1.11-Latest version)
2)Trend Entry Indicator & Basic Entry Indicator with buy & sell arrows
3)TradeHero Recovery Optimizer Spreadsheet
4)Momentics pdf User Guide
5)Basic Entry Video
6)Trend Entry Video
7)Video Training Sessions