THG Straddle Trader-Diamond

THG Straddle Trader-Diamond
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Let Me Show You How To Make Money Trading Forex,
Exploiting a Loophole that has been there for Ages and Would  Remain There as Long as Currency Trading Exists..
Make Consistent Profits over and over again with

 Up to 80% Winning Accuracy..Almost the HolyGrail!!



Forex News Trading:

*Do you want to trade Forex without studying complex Technical analysis?Do you want to avoid staring at charts all day and only trade within 3-10mins making same or even bigger consistent profits?

*News releases comes out periodically and market prices react very fast within split seconds,would you like to profit from these fast moves?

*Are you trying to trade news events manually and your broker doesn't fill your orders during news hours in time and you get re-quotes ,how would you deal with this?

*You analyzed the market was going to move in a direction during a News release but when it came out,it went the other way giving you a loss,how could you have avoided this scenario?

*How would you like to trade without caring which direction the market moves during a news release? How would you like to make money trading news events in Forex with winnings 80% of the time?





Brokers' widening of Spreads during news releases could make you pay huge percentage of your Margin as "spread" alone,NO trader wants this BECAUSE spreads could move from 3pips to 30pips during news times,would you want to be in that trade?Brokers invented this to scare traders off during important news events like the Non-farm Payroll and GDP releases and many others.

Frequent Re-quotes is noted seconds before and after the news release preventing your orders from getting placed manually and if you do luckily get into the market with your manual pending order,re-quotes would not allow you take any profit in time-until the market starts reversing..MEANING,your profits turns into losses..This happens too frequently,sounds familiar??

Since You can't easily set your manual pending orders close to the event's release time(due to Huge spreads and requotes),traders attempts to set them about 15mins prior to the release time,this is very risky because If your orders get filled before the market actually moves,that's NOT good because you stand a risk of sustaining huge losses. In straddle trading,rule #1: "NEVER get filled into the market before the news comes out",that's the whole essence of using pending orders in the first place.

If you luckily avoided server issues and successfully place your pending orders about 5-10seconds prior to release (this is the ideal time spacing),you would not have enough time to set your Take-profit, Stop-loss and Trailing-Stop levels.Without these set,a profitable trade could easily turn into a losing one.

With manual Straddle trades,you could have a "hedged" scenario when a spike causes a huge whipsaw (quick movement in both directions)..With this,both your orders would get filled at same time and you would sustain small losses.

LIVE TRADE #2: UK GDP Prelim Live News Trade

This is actually an old video..nevertheless,see me rack a profit of 520$ from one news event that lasted about 2minutes..My THG Straddle Trader rocks!



Once again,here is a quick look at what happens in every potential trade you would execute once you subscribe to my Forex News trading software.. The THG Straddle Trader diamond gets you in the market in the right direction by placing two pending stop orders for you, seconds before each news release hits the streets. The pending order is an order that will not execute until the price reaches a preset  price.
Not only that,THG Straddle Trader Diamond would set your Take-profit,Stoploss,Trailing-stop and Breakeven levels the same moment it places the pending orders.
When the news release data hits the streets, if the market doesn't move significantly,THG Straddle Trader Diamond removes both orders, protecting you from any potential loss. If the market does move, it removes the pending order that you don't need, while executing the trade which makes you money.
Your subscription would come with a manual that explains every single parameters in the softwares and how to know when a market would move BIG and maximize your gains.
    As you probably know, with technical trading you really need to watch all your charts and indicators all the time to make good trading decisions. You can lose sleep over it if your trades take days to play out.  It's very stressful!  Technical trading is difficult, and risky. I always got killed with technical trading, so now I don't even bother. It's a loser's game that I refuse to play. Wouldn't you rather sit through a news release trade for 5 minutes than stare at charts for hours on end just waiting for a potential trade setup.? Of course!
The fact is that for most traders, solid technical analysis skills take far too long to acquire, and ultimately they fail to profit. When it comes to technical analysis, there's just too much to learn, and not enough time to learn it all.
By this time next week, you could be thousands of dollars ahead because of the news releases that are coming out nearly every day. And each of these represents a trade opportunity.
You might be wondering at this point - do all news releases result in huge gains? No... because sometimes the news data actually matches analysts expectations, so it doesn't cause any 'ripples' in the market. But we got enough of news releases to storm the markets so that you can profit HUGE every week, along with me! Along with TradeHouse Global.
If you are serious about financial success, and you want to gain 30,50, 80, even 100 pips a trade - in less than 20 minutes per trade - then you're in the right place- just lock in your spot in this special release of THG Straddle Trader Diamond today while we have packages available. This is a special release, Prices could go up any moment, so time is of the essence!

In this video,i traded my LIVE account which had an initial balance of about $4680..After this trade i took a profit of $876 within 2minutes of trading (over 18% gain in one trade) and i do stuffs like this all the time!